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Getting a great body fast means burning fat and building muscle at the same time. EMSCULPT is a new procedure offered by plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Walters at his office in New Orleans, LA that uses HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) technology to contour your body. EMSCULPT contracts the supramaximal muscles in the stomach or butt to increase tone. Working at the cellular level, the EMSCULPT technology forces the treated muscles to adapt by building new muscle fibers and protein strands. If you're interested in using nonsurgical EMSCULPT to sculpt your abdominal and gluteal muscles while burning excess fat, schedule a consultation with Dr. Walters at his office in New Orleans.

Ideal Candidates

If you are interested in reducing stubborn fat and increasing muscle tone without an invasive procedure, you may be a candidate for EMSCULPT. Compared to traditional liposuction surgery to reduce fat, EMSCULPT requires no recovery time and leaves no scarring from incisions. EMSCULPT is available for both men and women in the New Orleans area to improve the appearance of the stomach and/or buttocks. During your consultation, Dr. Walters will talk about what results to expect from your EMSCULPT treatment.

Treatment Technique

After your consultation with Dr. Walters, you will be prepared for your EMSCULPT session in one of our procedure rooms. While you relax, the HIFEM device will be passed over the selected treatment areas for about 30 minutes. You may feel some discomfort as the treatment contracts your muscles, which should feel somewhat like an intense workout. Your technician can adjust your treatment throughout your session to keep you comfortable.

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What to Expect

After your EMSCULPT treatment, you can leave and resume your normal activities. The most common side effects after a session are mild inflammation, redness, and soreness in the treated area(s), which shouldn't last more than 1 – 3 days. During your consultation, your custom EMSCULPT treatment plan will be developed by planning out how many treatments you will need and how often to reach your aesthetic goals. Most patients will need 4 – 8 EMSCULPT treatments, scheduled about 2 – 3 days apart. While you may begin to see some improvements after a treatment, your full results will develop about a month after your last session.

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Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Before you get body contouring surgery, see the amazing results you can get from noninvasive EMSCULPT treatments at Walters Plastic Surgery in New Orleans. Designed to burn fat and build muscle in your stomach and butt, EMSCULPT can help you get the toned body you want. To learn more, schedule an EMSCULPT consultation with Dr. Walters at his office in New Orleans.

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