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About Dermaplaning

When skin rejuvenation treatments like microdermabrasion and facials are not helping you attain the outcome you desire, but you aren't ready to seek more invasive procedures, you may be a candidate for dermaplaning skin resurfacing. Dermaplaning is an exciting skin treatment and facial rejuvenation treatment that smoothes the skin by stripping away dead skin cells and vellous facial hair for a soft, radiant complexion. Also called dermablading, this treatment is completed with a careful scraping technique by a surgical scalpel. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Walters is thrilled to offer dermaplaning treatments at Walters Plastic Surgery in New Orleans, LA. Dermaplaning is very popular these days because it is nonsurgical and able to provide smooth, beautiful skin safely and efficiently.

Ideal Candidates

Dermaplaning procedures are safe and effective skin treatments for nearly all skin tones. Men and women with severe acne should discuss their skin condition with our team beforehand. Ideal candidates for this procedure:

  • Are searching for something other than microdermabrasion and chemical peels
  • Do not have rosacea
  • Have an abundance of fine facial hair
  • Do not have skin that is highly sensitive
  • Have uneven skin tone

Procedure Technique

Dermaplaning procedures are usually completed on an outpatient basis in our office. While you relax in our procedure room, a numbing cream or topical anesthetic will be smoothed over the treatment area. After cleaning the skin well, the dermaplaning will begin with a gentle scraping of the surface of the face with a scalpel. The technician will scrape the treatment area many times until the face has been entirely treated. The amount of time needed will depend upon whether part of or the full face will be treated. At a consultation beforehand, Dr. Walters will help you to understand the procedure with clarity.

What to Expect

In the hours following your dermaplaning treatment, you should expect your face to be swollen and red. This is a normal reaction that will subside in the coming days. It's not uncommon for small amounts of peeling to occur as the skin heals. However, it's important not to pull it off — you should allow the skin to heal on its own. Patients will need to avoid prolonged sun exposure as the face will be sensitive in the days following the procedure. Patients can expect results soon after, as dermaplaning produces smoother, softer skin instantaneously. To help you protect your refreshed skin, our team will discuss an improved skincare routine with you, including the highly recommended, daily application of sunscreen.

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Walters Plastic Surgery offers first-rate, excellent aesthetic care to men and women of the New Orleans, LA area. Utilizing advanced techniques, state-of-the-art technology, and the most innovative equipment in the cosmetic industry, our medical team offers optimal results in a minimally invasive manner. Dermaplaning is an exciting cosmetic procedure found to soften and smooth your skin to highlight your natural beauty. If you would like to learn more about this skin treatment or to schedule your consultation, call our office today.

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